Say Hello to My Little Friend

There are times when you just have to be late for work. This morning was no exception.

While walking to work I happened upon two squirrels having one hell of a time running around looking for food. So I stopped, reached into my backpack and started taking photos.

I took about 10 but the one below turns out to be my favorite (cropped):

Granted, this isn’t the first time these furry little creatures were dancing around me in the middle of corporate El Segundo but just as the time before, it was cool to see them do their thing. I took a moment to get caught up in their shenanigans before heading to the office, where I would then sit for eight hours and proofread.

I am now convinced that I need to carry a sack of peanuts in my backpack for instances such as this. The one you see here was almost certain I had food for him but alas, I didn’t.

Oh well. We’re grocery shopping this weekend so I’ll pick up a bag. They’ll get plenty fat by the end of next week 🙂