With our company now officially on the market, I couldn’t help but ponder…

Is it unreasonable to think that the future owners, whomever they may be, would consider keeping Corporate operations here in L.A. as opposed to moving them to the East Coast?

Wouldn’t it be easier to leave things as they are instead of undertaking the logistical nightmare relocating the office, hiring a new crew, building a new office, etc.?

Wouldn’t it make sense to cut the few people already hired for the new office back east rather than cut an officeful of people in L.A.?

Or is perhaps the sale of the company contingent upon the relocation?

Either way, there doesn’t seem to be much concern about it here. But we have a few meetings scheduled over the next few weeks (one of which is tomorrow) that will go over everything we need to know–or at least what the Powers That Be are willing to divulge.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE 5/30/08: We’ve been spared! Well, temporarily at least. The company is still for sale but the our location will remain open for the time being. It’s not really a reason to celebrate but hey, it’s a bit promising. I can’t get into more details about it so there you go 🙂