Well, it appears as if my so-called “15 minutes of fame” have finally expired.

Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Rosarito Billboard, a mystery never fully explained.* While the correction of the billboard was indeed my Merit Badge for Observation and I reveled in my victory by glancing at it each day on my way to work, after a while I simply didn’t even bother. My work was done.

But last week while on the train I looked up at the billboard–and saw nothing but a black canvas. Darn.

So the light has been dimmed on my major find and at least I got something out of it. But with the way I hear things are going down in Rosarito, there’s a good chance we won’t ever use them.

Oh, and you’re gonna love this one. I’m working on a post for my other blog and will post a link here when it’s done. Trust me, this is cool.

* Line used with my most sincere apologies to the cast and crew of Phantom of the Opera.

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