Ready for the Weekend

It’s Friday! Another weekend is now upon us! WOO HOO!

What’s on your slate? Mine has already been planned for quite some time now.

Saturday: We will be going to the Orange County Fairgrounds* for a couple of reasons. First, Ann and her mom like to go to the Sugar Plum Arts and Crap Crafts Fair, where they walk around strange crafty ladies** that make stuff out of…other (sometimes discarded) stuff. Then they steal the ideas and make them at home (muaaahahahaha!).

Ahem. While they are walking around the fair, the men–Anthony, Ann’s dad and myself–stroll the aisles of the Orange Country Marketplace (or swap meet or “flea market” to you easterners) to kill time. Anthony digs all the toys, Ann’s dad gets ideas for woodworking projects and I like buying cheap crap, so it works out all the way around.

Sunday: It’s Father’s Day so I plan on ‘cueing up some meat. I haven’t heard from my mom or brother just yet to see if they are coming over but Ann’s folks are. And I had already decided a few weeks ago that, whether I’m watching my weight or not, I was going to make hamburgers. I’ve been good all week so one day to chomp on some red meat isn’t going to kill me.

There you have it. Take it easy and see you on Monday 🙂

*Please note my lack of initializing Orange County. It’s cool only to those outside of California or the TV industry, otherwise you sound like an obnoxious twit. If you are using it, please stop now–and I live in Los Angeles County.
** Not all crafters are strange. Lord knows I’ve done my share of tole painting. I know that doesn’t justify what I said about craft ladies but…oh, never mind.

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3 thoughts on “Ready for the Weekend

  1. I would like to see a crafts fair too. It sounds interesting 🙂 (maybe because I like to steel ideas too:-))
    Today I slept till 10 AM and I feel like I have time for nothing. I vacuum the whole flat today and I still have a lot of work and it is already 6 PM… At least I cooked yesterday and I do not have to do it today… Somehow after I ended my exams I have more work than during the school year 😀


  2. @ susan: There wasn’t much going on at this year’s fair according to my wife. It’s one of those “odd” times in which we’re stuck between holidays (as we call them here in the States :)) We’re still cleaning up for Father’s Day tomorrow so there hasn’t been much time to relax…I know what you must feel like at the moment!

    @ whatigotsofar: I still need to do some laundry, too. We’ll do it tonight and then I’ll relax tonight with some Wii Fit or Rock Band. Tomorrow’s “my day” but I’m manning the grill and cooking up some burgers and steaks. A day off from the weight loss thing will do me good.


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