Since it’s getting closer to Hallowe’en, I thought I’d post a picture of the pumpkins we grew this year:

Pretty cool, eh?

By the way, the power’s out in half of the house due to what we think is an electrical short somewhere, so I may stay home to TCB. We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Pumpkins!

  1. We also were growing sunflowers, cucumbers for pickling, a few watermelons, corn, tomatoes and bell peppers. But I wouldn’t recommend pumpkins if you don’t have the room to handle them. The vines will literally take over your backyard and they take some time to grow. I think we planted those in June or July.

    And we actually grew two more that aren’t in the photo because one got squishy at the bottom and had to be thrown out and we gave the other one to my son’s friend. Either way, it was a lot of fun.


  2. They look pretty damn cool.All you need was some leaves and it would look like a cover of the Martha Stewart magazine.TCB,man,TCB.
    Best team EVER.


  3. The leaves are starting to fall so that is actually a good idea. That is if those damned Santa Anas don’t start blowing them all over the place. I may tackle that tonight. I am going to paint Jack Skellington’s head on one of them so watch for that, too.

    TCB? Best team ever? Aside from the Elvis reference, that’s totally lost on me.


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