Life After “High School Musical”

Yesterday as the family sat through the painfully exuberant production that is called the High School Musical 3 parade at Disney’s California Adventure, Ann came up with an interesting thought.

“So they (the characters) graduated high school. What do they do next?”

Well, sweetie, allow me to answer that with a list of possibilities that Disney won’t be likely to pick up. And I apologize in advance for plagiarizing your concept.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Minimum Wage Musical
  • Student Loan Musical
  • Struggling Actor Musical
  • Single Mother Musical
  • Drunken Escapades Musical
  • Hungover Again Musical
  • The Party’s Over Musical
  • ZOMG I GOT SO FAT Musical
  • College Dropout Musical
  • Liberal Arts College Musical
  • Waking Up in a Pool of Vomit Musical
  • College Ain’t High School Musical
  • iPhones Are More Fun When Daddy’s Paying the Bill Musical
  • Top Ramen Musical
  • 1994 Nissan Altima Musical

And finally…

  • Reality Sucks Musical

So hold the smiles and buckle up, kiddies. You haven’t even seen the best the world has to offer you!

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