Staying Indoors

As the wildfires continue to burn over 20 miles from my home, the effects are starting to begin.

First, it was already a warm day. As of this sentence it’s 86 degrees. Second, the smoke from the fires is starting to slowly creep its way down to Long Beach and the sky looks incredibly…bad. It’s not even blue nor gray–it’s yellow and casting an ugly yellow hue on the world around me. Along with that comes the overpowering smell of smoke and ashes falling all over the place. By tomorrow I’m sure everything will be covered in it.

Let these pictures give you an idea of what it looks like outside:

Looking over my neighbor's house. Click to embiggen.
Looking over my neighbor's house. Click to enlarge.
Spa cover with ashes. Click to enlarge.
Spa cover covered with ashes. Click to enlarge.
The sun. Click to enlarge.
The sun tries to shine through. Click to enlarge.

Note that these were taken about 30 minutes ago. Things have gotten worse since then. Looking out the window now, it’s getting even worse and more windy. Needless to say, we’re spending the day inside with the air running and windows shut. I don’t think there’s any reason we need to be going outside today. And I’m not saying it’s dark(er) outside, but we have the lights on in the house.

But before any of this started to happen we spent the day at Long Beach Airport for Wings Over Long Beach. You will see in the photos that at the time, the sky was still very blue and clear–nothing like now.

It was cool for Anthony to finally see the inside of a C-17, a plane his Grandfather worked on. He’s seen them from a distance all his life since some are still built here at Boeing in Long Beach, has seen them take off and land, but never been inside one. It was indeed an overwhelming experience for his little brain.

At any rate, pictures of the day’s events are here. Enjoy, and if you’re in Southern California, do yourself a favor and stay indoors and play some Wii or something 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Staying Indoors

  1. When I lived in Santa Ana in the late 70’s, I remember the fires and the trouble caused by the Santa Ana winds. I had friends who went to fight the fires too although I didn’t go.


  2. Those Santa Anas can be horrible; they sure were yesterday. The ashes this time are thicker than before because the fires are much closer than before (in Orange County). I went for a donut run this morning and, not thinking about it, opened the door to the car and the suction pulled a handful of ashes into the car, making it look like I’ve been smoking a pack of Lucky Strikes each day since I bought the car. And turning on the fan? Forget it.

    A few shots of Ann’s car this morning. Remember I’m at least 20 miles from the nearest fire:

    Picture 1
    Picture 2

    The winds have died down but it’s still expected to be hot. You can still smell things burning in the air and my eyes continue to burn. It’s gonna be another bad day in terms of air quality so we’re staying indoors again. And hats off to everybody out there risking their lives in order to shut these thing down. Stay safe and good luck.


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