Say What?

Now that the holiday is in full swing, we’ve been spending the evenings driving around the neighborhoods looking at the Christmas lights. We’ve been doing this for half of The Kid’s four years of life and he enjoys it tremendously.

Part of this tradition includes heading down to Starbucks for a warm cup of our favorite drink to make the evening a bit less chilly. (Egg nog latte = me.) While we usually go to the drive-thru, on this paticualr night we chose to enter the store.

We placed our order–it also included some munchies for the trip–and waited. As Ann’s name was called I went up to the counter and grabbed everything.

And that’s when it happened.

As I was making my way toward the door, I passed a woman and her daughter and because it was kind of full in there, I was almost shoulder-to-shoulder with the mom. Rather than try to squeeze through I told The Kid to go ahead and pass and then waved the woman to go ahead. She smiled and said, “No, go ahead!” Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

When we got to the truck Ann informed me of what she had heard as she was behind the woman and her daughter, where chances are they didn’t know Ann was with me and The Kid.

“Did you hear what that woman said?”

“No. Why?”

“She mumbled something to her daughter and she said, ‘At least I checked to see if he had a wedding ring first.’ The mom then said, ‘Well, that was nice of you.'”

Okay folks, let’s get something straight. As far as I go, this is atypical behavior for a female and a younger one to boot. This had to be the first time in, like, ever that something even remotely close to me being hit on has happened; when a woman other than Ann showed any kind of (potential) interest in this idiot.

While I’d partially attribute this incident to the fact that I’ve lost weight because chances are it wouldn’t have happened when I was the size a manatee, let’s face it: I ain’t the most attractive fellow on God’s green earth, skinny or fat. Well, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself all these years.

So there you have it. While somewhat flattered, a good portion of me is still greatly confused.

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