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"Hi! I keel you!"

Although this should come as no surprise to anybody, we went to Disneyland on Sunday to renew The Kid’s annual pass. With that, he’s now good for another year of good, clean Disneyland fun!

Anyway, we did all the usual things including the Innoventions attraction where he loves to wander around and touch everything. And hell, I don’t blame him–that’s what it’s there for.

While in that attraction we were given tickets to the Honda ASIMO exhibit. In case you don’t know what the heck a Honda ASIMO is, let me start by saying it’s not their latest minivan. The ASIMO is Honda’s humanoid robot and, quite honestly, it freaks me out. They always have for some reason because I have always envisioned an army of these shiny little things taking over the world, shooting freaking laser beams from their fingers and beating humanity into bloody submission in their effort to become our new Japanese robot overlords.

And you think I’m joking? No, I’m not. They effing freak me out! And as if you need more proof, here’s a clip I shot of one of these little things running:

the_terminator_large_08Now just imagine thousands of them coming at you just like that, sans the ability to feel pain but smart enough to kill you. You fillin’ me yet?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. About the only thing that will save you from the wrath of a killer army of pissed-off ASIMOs would be to build your home at the top of a flight of stairs as these guys, while pretty efficient in everything else, need to carefully negotiate a walk up just a few steps. That will give you enough time to a) run like hell or b) shoot it dead–if it can die.

So there you have it. They freak me out. But on the bright side, The Kid made himself a gingerbread cookie while at Disneyland. Take a look at me displaying his mad cookie decorating skillz:

Don’t I look impressed? The kit came with two small tubs of frosting and smaller tubs of peppermint candy canes, sprinkles, and M&M Minis. While careful at first, he eventually just dumped the entire contents of the candy cane tub on the cookie. Nobody as tried to eat it yet; it’s still in the box the kit was packed in, which cost us $6. Meh, you’re paying for the experience, right?

Oh, and I’m still making some changes around here. My first stop was my About page which isn’t as long-winded as the previous version. It’s more matter-of-fact and I seem to like it that way. I also consolidated the Pictures and Video pages into the new Media page.

More changes to come stay tuned and thanks for being patient!

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2 thoughts on “Freaky Stuff

  1. Those robot dudes freak me out too! I actually had a nightmare about one once…and for awhile I was refusing to step foot inside Innoventions at all because they were in there. I eventually got over that, but I’m certainly not going to see that showcase. They give me the heeby jeebies.


    1. I completely concur. Honda has convinced us that these robots have been designed to help mankind but after seeing that display, I beg to differ.

      If you need me, I’ll be out in the shed (built at the top of a winding stairway) getting ready for the robot apocalypse 🙂


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