By the Way…

I had one of those moments with The Kid that I will truly treasure.

See, he loves The Polar Express, a movie I would have not considered watching before he came along. At any rate, we were putting up the tree and decorations last weekend and had the soundtrack playing in the background.

Then this song came on (and if you can’t fight back a tear or two during this song, you might be an ASIMO):

“When Christmas Comes to Town”

He immediately stopped what he was doing and began to calmly sing along to it, which literally turned me into a sobbing mess. I mean, it was bad. I was an awestruck father sitting there smiling and watching his own flesh and blood so innocently express himself through song, something that was quite possibly one of the most awesome things I have ever witnessed. Sure, he knows his share of Beatles songs but it was this one that moved me to tears.

Maybe it was just the spirit of the holiday season; maybe it was just the sound of his little voice singing along to a song from one of his favorite movies.

Either way, I won’t soon forget it. And I’m sure my dad would have loved it, too.


2 thoughts on “By the Way…

  1. Thanks for sharing your “daddy” moment. It’s times like this that makes all the crap kids give you all year long worth it. The holidays are so much better when children are around.


    1. I’m telling you, being a father changes you in so many ways as I’m sure you’ve known. My God, I can’t even watch Finding Nemo anymore without being emotional when thinking of the movie’s underlying theme: letting go.

      Kids definitely brighten up the holidays, even if they can make them more hectic!


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