Dear Santa

Dearest Santa,

Hi, it’s Dave from California! How have you been this last year? I hope the weather is treating you and Mrs. Claus fine and that your elves and reindeer are all in good health.

At any rate, Santa, I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you that I’ve been a good boy this year. But since you can see me when I’m sleeping and know when I’m awake, it’s pretty much assumed that you’ve known about my behavior all year long. If that stuff is really true, can you see me when I’m [insert embarrassing moment/habit here]?

But I digress. Since I’ve been good I wanted to send you a picture or two of the one thing I want the most this year. It’s not much but I think I truly deserve it! Click on the attachments below to see for yourself (totally safe, BTW).

f125700 ATT1033584.jpg

f125700 ATT1033585.jpg

I hope you can manage this one, Santa. I would be a very happy kid if you could! If you can’t then I guess I’ll have to add it to my Amazon Wish List and hope for the best!

Thanks, and talk to you next year!

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4 thoughts on “Dear Santa

    1. My brother sent those to me in an e-mail with the subject of “What Every Mexican Kid Wants for Christmas.” When I opened then I just about shot orange juice out of my nose! I sent them to all my relatives and with their responses, I think they just about shot whatever they were drinking through their noses as well!


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