Santa Arrives Early

As you may well know, my XBOX 360 met its demise not so long ago. And it wasn’t like I used a whole lot but during its absence, I sure did miss using it.

So imagine my surprise when Ann and her folks tell me that for Christmas this year…


…this is what they would get me! Yes, that’s right. I am officially back and playing an XBOX. I figure since it would have cost me $99 to repair my old system, it made more sense to get an entirely new one for $199 with six games and a new controller. All I did was snap on the hard drive from my old system and it was like nothing ever happened.

While this isn’t exactly what I had originally asked for, it will most definitely do. Thanks, Santa!

Oh, and as the blog tweaking continues, you’ll notice that I’ve added yet another way to share posts. Check out the “Via E-mail” icon at the bottom. When you click on it, your e-mail program will open and you can then send the link to whomever you chose.

All you do add recipients–I did the hard work for you already! Mad skillz, man. I has them.

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8 thoughts on “Santa Arrives Early

  1. I prefer my X-Boxs baked rather than fried. Less fatty that way.

    And nothing beats playing Pac-Man and Uno on a fancy-schmancy video game system.


    1. I need an Uno primer before I decide to tackle it. I seem to have forgotten how to play.

      And this Pac Man is nothing like the original: mazes and colors constantly change, dots are placed randomly, etc. I think I stayed up waaay too late playing it last night.


  2. I love Christmas presents but I don’t love to open them early. I can wait till Christmas! And I still think they should get you that hero game. Do you know if they make a kazoo hero?


    1. Yeah, I know, I should have waited. But I really prefer to see The Kid open his now. Last year was the first time he “got” the whole Santa thing so I had my camera next to our bed for when he woke up. It was something else to see him so excited about waking up that day–and “knowing” Santa had been there 🙂

      If all else fails, there are alternatives to Accordion Hero. Unfortunately, I didn’t see Kazoo Hero on this list. That entry, by the way, has gotten almost 1,000 views since I posted it! I sure hope people know it was an April Fool’s Day gag


    1. I’m 40, but I figure that at least 20 of those years were spent on various gaming systems since my childhood…


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