What Would You Do?

wwyd_talentRare is it for me to actually sit down and watch a television show these days, what with all those damned programs the networks would like us viewers to believe are based in “reality.” You’re talking about a guy that has never seen one episode of The Sopranos and thinks 24 is just one big snorefest. (Besides, homeboy is always on his phone. Verizon is definitely not his carrier.)

But I digress. While writing a post for my other blog last night, I occasionally watched an ABC News special called What Would You Do? As its name implies, the program–hosted by one of the ugliest mo-fos I’ve ever seen–let the viewer be a virtual voyeur to different scenarios thanks to the wonder of hidden cameras and actors playing the purpetrators, victims, or in some cases, both.

I only missed out on the final scenario but watching the others was definitely interesting. Here’s my take on them all, and you can have your say in the Comments section when the carnage is all over.

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