Big City Slider Station, Part Deux

Earlier this month, I mentioned that Ann picked up one of those Big City Slider Stations and other than wanting to repeatedly kick Billy Mays in the electrons because of his loud mouth, we’ve been pleased with it.

Then this happened the other day:


While cooking some slabs of ground beef, Ann noticed that after removing the press, each slab of meat was covered in what I can only describe as something resembling silver spray paint. I mean what you see above is nothing. The whole top of the burger looked like it was painted with Rustoleum. We ended up throwing that batch away since, well, we weren’t about to eat that crap.

The picture you see above was the second batch we made. Not as bad but they still had some of that strange residue on top. We cooked them as directed; washed the stupid thing as the intstructions read.

Why in the Hell did my burgers have that silver crap on them? Is anybody else stupid enough to listen to that jerk Billy Mays having the same problem?

I’m glad we didn’t throw out the ol’ George Foreman grill just yet because, if this is any indication of the product’s performance, it won’t be getting much more use and is headed to the trash can very soon.

Get bent, Billy Mays.

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School Daze

On Saturday, the family attended an event designed to give parents and children a glimpse of what our local schools have to offer. This was especially interesting since, believe it or not, The Kid will be starting kindergarten this September. Let me get “Sunrise, Sunset” in my iTunes queue…

We went to the event knowing exactly which schools, based on research and recommendations of neighbors and friends, to look into. And man, were we ever thrown for a loop. Although we submitted applications to all of the ones we were considering (as “school of choice”), here’s my assessment of a few in particular; order notwithstanding.

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