Big City Slider Station

HEY, BILLY MAYS! YOU YELL TOO MUCH! I REALLY WISH YOU'D TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH BECAUSE YOU DRIVE ME FREAKING CRAZY! AND YOUR MIGHTY PUTTY DOESN'T WORK FOR SHIT! Ahem, okay. I'm done yelling for now. But by now, I'm sure you're familiar with "that loudmouth" as The Kid calls him, pushing his wares … Continue reading Big City Slider Station

The Almond Roca Theory

Just before we left work for our week-and-a-half vacation, I mentioned to a few of my coworkers my theory about Almond Roca candies. Now don't get me wrong--they are very tasty and very fattening. In fact, did you know there's more fat in three Almond Roca pieces (15g) than in a McDonald's cheeseburger (12g)? If … Continue reading The Almond Roca Theory

Taking it Easy

Here's the deal. My knees effing ache tonight. I mean, seriously hurt to the point of not being able to lift The Kid out from the bathtub after his bath/imaginary scuba diving expedition. I could attribute this condition to a number of things: it's been cold, I started to walk again at work (and need … Continue reading Taking it Easy