Proofreader Fail

As I sit at home wondering when I will get the next call from a prospective employer, there is a proofreader somewhere who is failing miserably at what they are supposedly good at doing. Here's proof of that, as seen in today's print edition of the Orange County Register: If there's one word that should never … Continue reading Proofreader Fail

The Substitute

My post about the Big City Slider Station continues to get hits to this day; many readers leaving comments about how they experienced the same thing as we did when their burgers turned silver. Hopefully, they are as lucky I am and have their money returned once they contact the manufacturer. We were hoping that … Continue reading The Substitute

Sweet Jesus!

@ Dollar Tree. Posts like this are what stop me from using my blog as a showcase for my writing samples. --- Share this post: : : : : : : : : : : :