30 Day Song Challenge, Day 6: A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

Greg is awesome in more ways that one.

First, he’s a kick-ass photographer and being a guy who’s taken a shot or two in his life, I can appreciate that.

Second, he’s got a taste in music that rivals mine so deciding on what to listen to when I was working with him was never a problem. Well, there was that time he played Christmas music during a sweltering week in July…

On occasion, Greg would bring in his guitar to the job – a photo lab called One Hour MotoPhoto in Tustin, CA – just to pass time. (At this job I also worked with a girl named Kristen, whose sister Kim is the lead singer of The Muffs). And when it was slow, Greg would strum tunes and we would try to guess what they were.

It was all fun and games until he started to play today’s song which Greg not only played perfectly, but also sang along with, the highlight being when he got to “Squeeeeze meeeee….come on and squeeeze meeee…”

I just about cried I was laughing so hard. Therefore, today’s song will forever be associated not only with the times we worked at MotoPhoto but of Greg, the man, the myth, the legend.

The Who – “Squeeze Box” (1975)

I often wonder what the businesses on either side of us thought whenever we were rocking out…

Honorable Mention: Extreme – “More Than Words”.

This song was part of the looped VHS taped called the Target Video Network and played regularly when I worked there between 1991-1993. Whenever I hear it, I can see myself stocking merchandise in the Electronics Department.

Honorable Mention: Patsy Cline – “Crazy”.

This is the one song I always play on the jukebox whenever Ann and I eat lunch at any Johnny Rocket’s restaurant. I love this song.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Song Challenge, Day 6: A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

  1. Greg sent me this link so obviously he’s trying to get me to comment. First I have to say…yes…agreed…Greg is one cool hombre (did I spell that right?)
    Next: As far as the song Squeeze Box goes…not a bad tune…a fun tune…but certainly not one of The Who’s best tunes. It is however, a song that reminds me of quite a few people…many whose names I no longer even remember. While you guys were over there at Motophoto I was stuck next door at Farr’s Stationers listening to an assortment of horrible Hallmark CD’s aimed at tone deaf customers with a passion for bad music. 8 hours a day 5 days a week I’d be subjected to this stuff. I’d escape to my car for a few minutes of The Who or something else of value during lunch and breaks. Often while at work I’d complain about the music in the store and give a bit of a history of Rock N Roll lesson to my fellow employees. Then I’d drag them out to my car and crank The Who for them and explain that THIS…is music! Often they’d say…”I’m not familiar with The Who” to which I’d say…Yes you are…you just don’t know it. I’d toss on a variety of stuff (among them Squeeze Box) to which they would almost always reply…Oh…I know this song…I didn’t know that was The Who. I’d highly recommend listening to the rest of that album (The Who By Numbers) that Squeeze Box is on. Great album, very personal album. Townshend was really struggling with the pressures of the music business, with being the primary source of material for the band, and struggling with alcoholism at the time and as he always does…he let’s us inside his head.



    1. Yeah, Greg’s a trip. I need to hang out with him soon. Haven’t seen him in years.

      And I agree with you on the song. It’s definitely not their best but still a decent tune. Nothing spectacular but yeah, good anyhow. And I’m glad you taught those punks a lesson in music because I do the same thing sometimes, and am giving my son a history of rock-n-roll, recognizing its roots in all that inspired it.

      Thanks for the comment, too. I appreciate the input from all of my readers and your story was definitely worth my time. And I’m glad you subscribed. Still have another 23 days of music ahead, plus some other garbage I might post 🙂


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