30 Day Song Challenge, Day 14: A Song Nobody Would Expect You to Love

There’s a lot of cool stuff that comes from Japan: Godzilla, Mr. Sparkle, crazy English, weird candies, and plenty of great music.

Today’s post pays homage to a song from the Far East, courtesy of Kyu Sakamoto.

“Sukiyaki” (1963)

While I don’t understand a single word he’s singing, I’m pretty sure I can pronounce all the words well enough to sing along. It’s pretty funny to see. The song is just beautiful and it if sounds familiar, you probably heard the version by A Taste of Honey from the disco era.

Tragically, Kyu Sakamoto died in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 in 1985. On a lighter note, there is a melody road in Japan that plays his song, “Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo”.


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2 Responses to 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 14: A Song Nobody Would Expect You to Love

  1. LuckaS says:

    We used to go to Austria every summer with my grandpa who loves folkmusic. That’s why I like it too. Hardly anyone would expect me to like this kind of music, except my family. This is a song that grandpa played for me and my brother when we where little. 🙂


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