30 Day Song Challenge, Day 19: A Song From Your Favorite Album

There aren’t many albums in my collection that I could consider a favorite. It’s not that I love them all, it’s just that with over 8,000 songs on my iPod, I can pretty much listen to anything that strikes me at any given moment.

Sure there are some I prefer more than others but hardly any that I gravitate to as much as Genesis’ Duke.

It’s been my assertion that this was their last great album of the Collins era, even if they recorded five more after it with Calling All Stations being their last (and quite possibly, the worst record of any genre ever recorded). The album just rocks from beginning to end, which wraps up nicely with Duke’s Travels/Duke’s End, a freaking amazing instrumental arrangement that will blow your mind.

But for today, it’s the first track from Side 2 of Duke: “Turn It On Again” (1980)

I love this song to no end and will sing and play air drums along to it, and it is also on my iPod’s Workout playlist in case I need that extra push when I’m out running.

Prog rock. Man, what the hell happened to it?