Iron Butterfly

We really should appreciate the small things. This morning, Ann took a walk outside to check on and water her freshly planted sunflower seeds. We recently planted a whole bunch of flowers and veggies to welcome Spring. I was in the house getting my stuff together as we were about to leave to go run … Continue reading Iron Butterfly

Okay, One More Post

In light of yesterday's post in which my name was digitally slathered all over the Magic Kingdom, I thought I'd post the direct link plus another fun one for you, both courtesy of Disney. First, here's the "What Will You Celebrate?" link. This saves you the trouble of waiting through the whole video to get … Continue reading Okay, One More Post

Definitive Proof

You know, sometimes you just feel like tooting your own horn. And right now it's my turn. As you all know, I've been battling my weight and have been trying to lose a little more each day. It's something I've pretty much been doing all my life but decided this year I'm sticking to it … Continue reading Definitive Proof


It was dinnertime tonight and neither Ann or myself had an idea what we wanted. Cereal? Nah. Fast food? Hell no. I simply had no clue. Then I recalled a new book that shows you how to make tasty food using nothing but ingredients from Trader Joe's. We had gone shopping there today and pretty … Continue reading Inspired

Paging Steve Perry…

As seen in Long Beach, CA. Cheesy Journey song aside, it's a simple message that we can all benefit from. --- Share this post: : : : : : : : : : :