Kill These Words Now

Okay, I'm feeling a bit spunky right now. I have a list of things that I was/am going to write about and this one is at the top, so here we go. For the love of [insert appropriate deity here] people, please stop using the following words: Eschew Panache Penchant No, seriously. They suck serious … Continue reading Kill These Words Now


It Started Today

July 16, 2004 was a day much like today, save for the fact that I was 35 and Anthony was still in diapers. Oh, and I was about 80 pounds heavier and had more hair. The summer sun shone brightly and the weather was just right. Well, it was right for those of us that … Continue reading It Started Today


Well, it appears as if my so-called "15 minutes of fame" have finally expired. Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Rosarito Billboard, a mystery never fully explained.* While the correction of the billboard was indeed my Merit Badge for Observation and I reveled in my victory by glancing at it each … Continue reading 14:59

Digging Deep

Just before my exercises last night I decided to, for some reason or another, go through my pile of old ZIP disks. God, remember those? The ZIP 100 MB could hold as much data as 70 floppies! The 250--even more! Ahem. I digress. But it was on those ZIP disks that I stored my college … Continue reading Digging Deep