Feelin’ Retro

After cleaning out the garage the other day, I happened to come across my old high school buddy: my Sony Walkman.

But not just any Walkman, no. When I bought it back in 1986, this thing was top-of-the-line awesome with features like chrome cassette capability, auto-reverse, AM/FM radio, a three-band equalizer and best of all, a belt clip. Man, I could strap this thing to my pastel Izod Lacoste belt and listen to 100 straight minutes of music, interruption-free!

And here it is, still functional:

Beauty, isn’t it? I stuffed my 30GB iPod in it just to remind me of how far technology has come. But back in the day, this lovely piece of sh…electronic wizardry was all I needed to take me through my last two years of high school and beyond.

And I’m keeping it for The Kid for a reason. He found my old Case Logic cassette case and happily exclaimed, “Daddy, what are these things?” I just about fell over laughing. And don’t ask me why I still have them–I don’t know myself.

Oh, was it hot enough for you today? ‘Twas for us. Here’s the temperature at 3pm today:

This is the reason we did what we needed to do this morning and spent the rest of the day indoors in air-conditioned comfort. I think we’re going to give the ol’ George Foreman grill a workout tomorrow instead of BBBQing. I’d be really stupid to try and cook out in that heat.

One thought on “Feelin’ Retro

  1. I think I had the same model!! (I also have the same lime green rubbery iPod cover)

    AutoReverse was the best invention ever. I remember listening with my breath held so I could hear that reassuring “clickclick” of AutoReverse.


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