Cooling Down

I just finished my lunchtime walk.

While my norm is to walk a meandering yet seemingly square mile around beautiful corporate El Segundo, today I decided to take advantage of the small workout facility located in the building next door (owned by the same folks who own my building).

After one visit, I’ve decided that I would not return. Here’s why.

For one, as with every gym, there is little air circulating. I know it’s an obvious attempt at getting fatties like me to profusely sweat but damn, I’m on lunch. I don’t bring an extra set of clothes so being drenched in my own sweat is not my ideal way to return to my desk. In addition to that there’s no scenery, save for the people walking by who can’t see inside the gym and use the reflective surface of the tinted windows to check themselves. That was a bit amusing.

There are only two treadmills and one climber-thingy. And being that those seem to be the most popular items in any gym, I decided that they aren’t worth fighting over when there’s an unlimited amount of sidewalk just outside the door.

Another thing. After leaving the treadmill, it still felt like I was on it! Jesus, it almost felt like the sidewalk was moving along with me. I almost ran into a tree and some guy carrying an order of nachos.

So at least I gave it the old college try. Tomorrow I return to the “Streets of El Segundo*.”

*Not a Quinn Martin Production

What the…?

When I first got my LG VX8100 cell phone, I never thought I would ever use its built-in camera.

How wrong I was.

While it doesn’t take the best photos, the camera has come in handy on several occasions when The Kid has either done something out of the ordinary or stupid. Because of that, I’ve come to appreciate the flexibility the camera has given me in situations where I wouldn’t normally have a camera (e.g. shopping).

When I’m not shooting the stupid things Anthony is doing in public, I’ve made it a habit to take shots of other interesting things, like exotic cars and whatnot. But since the California educational system is doing such a fine job at sending out its students into the real world, my latest obsession has been taking photos of signage with poor grammar. And trust me, you don’t have to look far.

See the photos here!

Back to School

Ah, work. As we continue to meander down the Path of the Unknown, someone had the infinite wisdom to see to it that our department attend a project management course today and Tuesday. (My company teaches such things anyhow, so all we need to do is head to the Education Center on the first floor.)

While I’m sure this course would benefit at least one person in the department, I’m not sure why I’m even there. I’m a proofreader. As such, the extent of my project management skills don’t go beyond deciding which color pen I should use to mark up the proofs. That’s unless I choose to delegate the selection of my writing instrument to a team of stakeholders and internal sources, including the Accounting Department, who would then conduct a feasibility study into which would provide the best value for the money, which would satisfy all parties involved, etc.

Just give me the damned red pen and I’ll be fine!

The course is also a bit intimidating. I’m sitting in a room surrounded by really smart people that have degrees in various subjects; some even had double majors. These people have managed projects before. Prior to working for the magazine, all I’d done was stock shelves and print negatives. (Okay, I also sold tickets at Knott’s Berry Farm.) And there I am, measly me with my Technical Writing certificate from a community college in Orange County, CA. Kinda makes me want to go back to working at a photo lab.

Am I learning anything? If “confusion” counts, then yes, I am learning more than I ever expected–and more!

Well, onto other things. For the first time since my surgery, I spent an hour playing Wii. And it felt good. I even set a record of 28 hits on the Batting Practice training in Wii Sports, so I’m pretty happy for that minor accomplishment. It’s the little things, people!

And to get you into the habit of staying away from crappy foods, allow me to post one of my most favoritest articles in the whole world. Whenever I’m feeling the need to chow on something I shouldn’t, reading this just once always scares me back into eating healthier foods.

Bon appétit!

Project: 2010 Commences

First, let me apologize for my extended absences. Here are some reasons:

  • Ann’s been playing Pogo at night on the laptop, which is what I normally use to post.
  • She’s also been semi-bedridden with back problems so I’ve been doing what I can to help her, including driving her to doctor’s appointments and whatnot. Yes, I’ve even been holding her purse. (Take note, guys: we’ve been married nearly 15 years for a reason.)
  • I bought PGR4 for the XBOX 360 the day it came out. ‘Nuff said.

As far as my health goes, got-damn, many moons have passed since I felt this good.

On to the meat of the post. While “Project: 2010” continues to leave innocent victims in its wake, a few good things have actually come out of it (for those of us who have survived thus far). In a recent meeting with our CEO, he revealed that our office–we have many in different parts of the world–will be the only one allowed to participate daily in our formerly Fridays-only “jeans-casual” dress code. That’s right–I can wear jeans, Reeboks and polo shirts every stinking day. This makes me happier now that I’m down a few sizes since my surgery. BOO-YAA! And those people at Mattel thought they had it good.

We’re also officially allowed to use “electronic music devices” as they put it, provided they do not disturb anyone. (I’ve been using my iPod since I started working there nearly two years ago.) We can also take a 30-minute lunch instead of our standard 1-hour lunch and leave earlier.

Jesus, did I just say “boo-yaa”?

Oh, and about my brother’s appearance on Cane? I watched, I recorded, I didn’t see him. So maybe next week he’ll show up. And after the last shoot near the Queen Mary, a shoot which lasted from 8:30am to 10pm, he told me he’s getting closer to the leads and more face time. So that’s cool for him.

Tomorrow we head to Mickey’s HalloweenTime with The Kid in tow. He will be a fireman, which he already thinks he is anyhow. On Saturday, my brother gets to dress as Indiana Jones since he is working the HalloweenTime event that night. He says the costume is pretty authentic, so pictures will naturally follow.

And once again, on October 19th Disney will be releasing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. We’re already there!

Mark of “Cane”

Tonight at 10pm EST, my brother will make his debut as a regular extra on the CBS show Cane. He will be in the background playing a cigar-smoking Cuban domino player.

In the next episode–airdate not yet determined–he will also be playing a cigar-smoking Cuban domino player.

And today, he is taking a day off from his current job as Disneyland Audio Engineer (for parades and stuff) to shoot yet another episode of Cane, only this time in my neck of the woods–Long Beach. Wanna guess what he’s going to play? Here’s a hint: it involves cigars and dominoes. And people of Cuban nationality. Don’t think too hard on that one.

I will try my best to capture his scenes and post them later tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned. And you know the best part about all of this? He doesn’t even smoke–and he’s not Cuban!

So keep en eye out for that tonight. Oh, and I’m starting to get my bills for my surgery. Let’s just say I’m glad I have medical insurance. Ouch.