Baja Humbug!

Blog visitor “ANAL RETENTIVE” left a SCREAMING COMMENT on this post regarding a small spelling error on my “About the Banner” widget. Quite simply, in reference to the Dodge Caliber we once held in our possession, the text read “on” and not “own.”

But rather than fix the error I decided to take another route.

As you can plainly see, the banner has been changed to reflect the mother of all spelling blunders–a billboard. Why? Well, it just so happens that ANAL RETENTIVE has an e-mail address. Huh.

So as a result of this little incident, a minor spelling error on a personal blog measuring only pixels vs. three missing numbers from an 800 number on a billboard seen daily by confused motorists, all future comments will be moderated and only posted once approved by me.

Their name seems rather appropriate. I hope they found peace in finding a spelling error on a blog instead of minding their own business (literally) and not realizing that three freaking numbers were missing from their billboard(s).


4 thoughts on “Baja Humbug!

  1. A wise man once said “The rod up that man’s butt must have a rod up its butt.”

    Feel free to correct me if I misused an apostrophe or spelled something wrong in that quote. 🙂


  2. And I too noticed that speling error. I just figurd it was a tiny etrror on a person blog. So I tought I’d join in and spell som word wrong to.


  3. kthxbye!

    I was thinking about wearing a shirt with the before-and-after shots of their billboard when I head down there.

    That, or one with a giant “W” superimposed over a Mexican flag to commemorate ANAL’s victory. It could lead to speculation that I’m a Bush supporter and I’ll be treated like a king!


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