@ Disney’s California Adventure

UPDATED 9:00pm PST: In an effort to humiliate me, Ann requested a cashier for anything birthday related. It didn’t matter what: a button, hat, or anything would have done.

The cashier pulled out a button, asked for my name, wrote it on the button and then made a birthday proclamation inside the store. Thankfully, only two other people were in there. I pinned the button to my person afterwards and for the duration of our visit, just about every Cast Member recognized the button and wished me a Happy Birthday (even if it was yesterday). Kinda cool considering I spent my actual birthday at work, but at least the guys in my department took me to lunch.

Oh, and having a birthday also garnered me one dozen fresh tortillas at the Mission Tortilla Factory. And by golly, were they ever good. I rule.

Less than 20 minutes from the park is the AMS Disney Character Warehouse, a store that sells merchandise that Disneyland couldn’t give away. There are always good deals there and today was no exception. Just check out the set of mugs we bought for $2–buy one for $1 and get one free.

A fun day as usual even if it was a bit busy. Stopping at (the only local) Sonic for slushes and Cherry Limeades afterwards made up for the crowds.

By the way, if you ever visit California Adventure and see Disneycat, take note: he likes chicken but not fries.