Is XM Rickrolling?

As has been the case since buying my PT Cruiser convertible, I drove home from the train station with the top down. It was a gorgeous day and I was enjoying the 80s tuneage coming from my trusty Pioneer Inno XM receiver. (I do have to admit, however, that driving down the 405 on Friday afternoon with the top down while listening to Steely Dan’s XM Live performance was pretty much nirvana.)

As the radio turned on, XM’s 80s Channel 8 was playing AC/DC’s “Back in Black” so I left it there and enjoyed the end of it. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” soon followed.

But here’s the rub. As the song played, instead of displaying the usual artist name and song title on the screen, it read “XM Radio” on both lines. It remained this way throughout the entire song until the next song–John Mellencamp’s “Lonely Ol’ Night”–began, which displayed the correct information.

Is this XM’s way of Rickrolling? If you were scanning through the channels and happened to come across Channel 8’s info as being “XM Radio” you might be a little curious, right?

“My goodness, that is peculiar! Perhaps I shall tune in and see what they are playing!”


“Why it’s Rick Astley! How amusing!”

Well, at any rate, it’s something to chew on. I did shoot a phone-cam video of the experience for your perusal but be warned that it is pretty low quality. I was behind the wheel and while I had no time for Spielberg-esque cinematography, it’s plain to see that the display wasn’t right during Astley’s classic tune proclaiming his refusal to disappoint you–or hurt you.

Enjoy the clip and you be the judge!