‘Handicapped’ My Aunt Fanny

I’m trying to think of a louder way to scream “pretentious douchenozzle” but I can’t. This guy wins the prize.


2 thoughts on “‘Handicapped’ My Aunt Fanny

  1. The driver of that car is differently-abled. He (obviously a guy, right) is born without the ability to feel. And judging by the car, he’s probably the only man in existance who suffers from penis envy.

    I hope somebody scratches that car and lets the air out of the tires. Oh, wait, its topless too. I hope a homeless guy takes a shit in the car then smears it around. Then somebody leaves a dead fish under the driver seat. And somebody should stuff a potato into the exhaust pipe.


  2. He’s got to be the most agile handicapped person there is considering the car’s contortionist entry and exit requirements.


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