BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake!

Reports are it was a 5.8. Some offices evacuated. Everything fine for now. No damage.

UPDATE 12:18 p.m.: Here’s a link to the story with stats and exact location. I was on lunch when I started to hear and feel some rumbling. Knowing we’re on the second floor and that the floors will make this same sound if you walk heavily, I kept on eating.

Then the blinds began to sway. The rumbling got louder and stronger. And I kept on eating. (You get used to these things in California.)

When it got even stronger I thought I’d better get my walk in before the place fell down on top of me. So entered the stairway and was met by a group that was vacating their office. I joined them on the walk down.

In the end, we’re all okay here in southern California. But it turns out Verizon is having some problems because I can’t make calls right now (UPDATE: All better now). It’s probably because idiots like me are using their valuable resources to post “live-on-the-scene” blog entries… 🙂

And now that it’s over, LET THE NEWS MEDIA HYSTERIA BEGIN!

UPDATE 9:10 p.m.: I have given NowPublic permission to use the image you see above along with the text I entered on Flickr. You can see it here!

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake!

  1. I’m glad you’re okay! I think it says something that I found out about it through my RSS reader before I found out about it via the “real” news.


  2. @ Kimberly: Thanks. Everything’s cool but train service may be delayed tonight so I will be getting home late. Argh! And I posted the entry literally minutes after the shaking stopped and before the media had a chance to hit the street for interviews. I RULE!

    @ loomisnews: Next thing we know, he’ll claim Obama ate his balls. Wow, there’s an old-school Internet reference for ya…!


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