Living in the 80s: Cars

Okay peeps, the first set of my 80s pictures is up and running. There aren’t too many there just yet but keep checking back as I will start to upload them when I can. Believe me, more are coming!

First topic: cars. These are pictures I took at car shows, at home, in general. And although it’s not included yet, but you’re gonna dig my Chevy Chevette when you see it. Can you say “CHICK MAGNET”?

Also note that I will be adding sets by category: people, places, etc. Many more are on the way.

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2 thoughts on “Living in the 80s: Cars

  1. Those are some neat pics. Those cars look so plain, its unbelievable. The interior of the beetle. There’s nothing there. One dial and a radio. Wow.


  2. Thanks. Those styles were amazingly dull, weren’t they? But hell, we didn’t know any better. I thought that Integra was incredible when I saw it, and those Fords look like boxes on wheels.


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