Down, kitty! That’s Ozzie, our cat who for years behaved like a dog–he played fetch, his meows sounded more like barks, and to this day he still won’t eat his food until I give him a few good pats on his backside. Now that he’s getting older (noooo!) he’s starting to be more cat-like, but that’s okay…even if I miss playing fetch with him.

The reason I shot that picture is because I was doing another external flash test as was I asked to shoot a Christmas party next Sunday. Chances are I’ll take the job since the house/venue is amazing and it’ll give me some more experience. Ann’s not a very willing subject and The Kid’s counting sheep so I decided to let Ozzie be my victim. And of course, he obliged.

Aside from gaining the experience of shooting a rather large event, I still need to replace my Xbox.

That’s it for now. I’m beat and going to lie down possibly for the night. I guess our Company Christmas Party Annual Year-End Celebration and What-Have-You really pooped me out. I can barely keep my peepers open.

Finally, thanks to Kimberly of LadyGypsy.net for following through with CookieCam 2008! I caught a few minutes of the action earlier today and it was most entertaining. I really dug the antlers!

Have a great weekend, all! Ozzie’s waiting for me to lay on the couch so I can then become his couch.

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6 thoughts on “RAWR!!!1!

  1. Some cats behave like dogs. I don’t get it. My current cat is always waiting by the door when I get home. It hates being alone.


  2. Awww…(blush)…thank you for watching! I’m doing it again tonight and tomorrow night as I finish up my cookies that are to be sent out.

    (scritches Ozzie on the head)


    1. Granted I only watched for a little bit as we had to rush off to our Holiday Extravaganza but I did enjoy watching things take shape. And who can deny watching cookies being made? Certainly not me!

      I’d watch Ozzie. He can be a little skiddish at times with others but loves Dad. Cindy…well, she loves Dad too but would rather play with your hands 🙂


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