You Better Get Busy

UPDATE: Time Warner and Viacom reached an agreement shortly before the deadline. Crisis averted; comments have been turned off as they are now irrelevant.

Man, if you have Time Warner Cable or Bright House Network and like your SpongeBob or MTV, you’d better get busy!

I turned on the TV today for The Kid and Nickelodeon is running a banner ad at the bottom of the screen. Turns out that both Time Warner and Bright House are in jeopardy of losing their deal with media giant Viacom, also known as owners of just about half of the cable channels you know and love: MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central just to name a few.

If reports are to be believed (and I could be reading it all wrong), keeping these channels afloat would cost an incredible 23 cents per day, which would of course be added to subscribers’ monthly bills. So if you’re a subscriber to either of these and are pissed off about a) finding out about this less than a day before it happens or b) about the move in general, you’d better get onna phones and call them NOW: Time Warner customers can call 800-762-3786 and Bright House Networks customers can call 866-309-3279. The move is scheduled to occur at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow morning. Um, Happy New Year?

I know bill increases suck but if you really like to watch those channels, I think you’d be willing to pay for them, no? By the way, I’m a happy Verizon FiOS subscriber–phone, Internet and TV all in one bill. It rocks.

Ah, today is New Year’s Eve. Tonight a few friends are coming over for our own little Chinese buffet. It’ll be fun and a way to send out 2008 with one final tasty and fattening meal. I’m doing fine with my weight but hey, holidays take a toll on everybody. Live a little!

Have a safe and happy 2009 and try to stay off the roads tonight. Nutjobs-a-plenty.

See you next year!

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4 thoughts on “You Better Get Busy

  1. I have Comcast cable. I’m going out to a late dinner with my friend Linda to a nice Italian Restaurant in Philly. We are then walking to Penns Landing to watch the fireworks. It should be fun. Your Chinese buffet sounds fun, too. Happy New Year!


  2. I wrote this to Viacom suggest you do something similar: You misrepresented yourself. I will now go to any and all blogs I can to tell the true story. I called and wrote Time Warner Cable to demand the return of shows I watch all the time. The truth is you are making great money from the cable companies, while they lose money and your trying to gouge additional money out of them. Well, I guess I can lose my shows at YOUR foolishness. Like my grandmother would have said, “Shame on you!”


    1. I was about ready to call somebody and tell them to remove that banner ad they’ve been running at the bottom of my screen 🙂

      But good for you. Hopefully if enough people call, they will give in and everything will be normal.


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