Okay, One More Post

In light of yesterday’s post in which my name was digitally slathered all over the Magic Kingdom, I thought I’d post the direct link plus another fun one for you, both courtesy of Disney.

First, here’s the “What Will You Celebrate?” link. This saves you the trouble of waiting through the whole video to get it. You can send up to three different types of celebrations to three different people.

And here’s a new one that Ann sent me today: “Santa’s List” takes the concept a bit further by allowing you to upload a picture which will be included in the video. In case you’re wondering, here’s our video featuring The Kid in one of his better moments. Note that creating this video requires registration, so get that junk e-mail address warmed up!


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It’s MY World…

…and you’re just a squirrel trying to get a nut!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “It’s MY World…“, posted with vodpod

Okay, so it’s just a promotional tool for Disney’s “What Will You Celebrate?” theme in 2009. But you gotta admit that it’s pretty cool, no?

Here’s the original link since clicking on the video at the end doesn’t quite work. Make your own and impress the world!

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Yet Another Request

As you know, your ol’ pal Dave will on occasion make unusual requests and thrust them upon the world via this here blog. And as is usually the case, the world tends to ignore him.

But here’s one that I beg will be heard and subsequently followed: Comic Sans must die.

No seriously, that font serves no purpose. It’s not creative, not eye-catching and, quite frankly, isn’t appealing even when used for stuff that is aimed at kids. It doesn’t look good in print, when used in a graphic or as <body> text on Web sites. And if you do use it, you run the risk of being ridiculded by those that know better than to use that ugly-ass font.

In case you need a refresher, here’s what Comic Sans looks like:


And to see just how incredibly awesome Comic Sans looks when used online, check this out.

So please, world, just stop using this atrocity of a font. There are so many other attractive, easy-to-read and more professional fonts to choose from that there’s no reason why Comic Sans should ever be used by anyone, even as a last resort–ever!

Oh, and going back to my old blog started back in 2004, this is my 500th blog post. Thanks to everyone who tunes in and listens to me blab about everything and nothing.

Here’s to another 500!

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Holy Hell! WTF is That?

shop_boyz_polyphonic_spreeNow that the holidays are upon us, the airwaves are getting crammed with commercials for new and innovative products that your friends and family will just be begging you to buy for them.

And if any of your friends just happen to be the Dalai Lama, a tall Jawa or short Kanamit, Mahalia Jackson, members of some comet tail-riding cult, Gregorian monks, or are planning to audition for The Polyphonic Spree, 2008 could be the year you play Hall & Oates by making their dreams come true!

kanamitLadies and germs, I present to you the Snuggie robe, quite possibly the strangest and ugliest article of clothing I’ve ever seen. Seriously peeps, forget Chia Pets, Clappers and K-Tel “Get It On” two-record sets–this thing takes the proverbial cake!

Touted as “the blanket that has sleeves” the Snuggie solves the age-old problem we all face: how do I keep my hands warm while not being restricted to the “inconvenience” of using a blanket?

mjinredThe solution is simple–throw on this blanket with sleeves and you’re good to go! And when I say “good to go” they mean it. The commercial actually shows a family of unfortunate souls wearing these ridiculous things at a sporting event where they looked like they would be better suited handing out leaflets for The Movementarians rather than cheering on their team. All they would have needed to make their ensemble complete was a pair of Nikes, the official shoe of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

1463_heavens_gate_468These things are just freakishly unsightly and downright ugly. Now I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather be seen in public wearing a “Choose Life” or “Frankie Says Relax” shirt rather than these abortions of good taste. At least then I may only look slightly outdated instead of criminally insane.

And if any of you guys out there decide to buy me one, you’re in big, big trouble.

Check out the informercial:

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Selling Out in America

Target stores has always shad a knack for attracting celebrities to appear in their ads. During my brief employ at Target, no less than three commercials were shot at my store with Terri Garr, Shari Lewis and Lambchop, and one with some Spanish musician that I couldn’t name. We also hosted an in-store book signing with Roseanne Arnold when her “My Lives” book was released.

FYI: commercials were always shot at night just after closing and from what I heard, Shari Lewis was not the kindest person in the world. But honestly, you would be very happy if you made a career out of jamming your hand up a lamb’s ass?

Oh, and Tom Arnold: cool; Roseanne: not so much.

Target also seems to license the strange and unusual now and then when it comes to their seasonal/holiday items. I can recall The Dog being in one of their campaigns as well as Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends, and last year’s surprising Halloween duo, Edgar and Ellen. Hell, they even licensed–blecch–Anne Geddes before her ridiculous images of babies dressed as fruits, vegetables and plants shot into the stratosphere and allowed her push her overpriced wares at galleries around the world, and Penn & Teller starred in a series of Target employee Guest Service videos.

But nothing could prepare me for this year’s back-to-school and Halloween in-store advertising campaign.

It’s Domo-kun. Yes, Domo-kun, that brown, fuzzy little Japanese character that has a tendency to fart whenever he’s nervous.

While I appreciate Target’s willingness to go forth with such a character, I’m a bit perplexed about the choice. I mean, if you live in the U.S. and know about Domo-kun, chances are somebody either saw a YouTube clip and sent it to you or you visit Fark, where Domo-kun is a bona fide cliché. He’s pretty much a cult figure here until Nickelodeon starts to air the Domo shorts scheduled for sometime in 2008.

Having a son, I’m pretty much exposed to Nickelodeon every day of the year and I have yet to see any Domo shorts as of this post. So just who are they trying to, for the lack of a better term, target with this choice? It all seems kind of strange.

But to sum it all up, it appears as if we have a sellout on our hands.

Oh, Domo-kun. How could you?