It was dinnertime tonight and neither Ann or myself had an idea what we wanted. Cereal? Nah. Fast food? Hell no. I simply had no clue. Then I recalled a new book that shows you how to make tasty food using nothing but ingredients from Trader Joe's. We had gone shopping there today and pretty … Continue reading Inspired


The cool thing about this series of tubes is that, even in one's most weakened condition, their online voice can still get their point across--whatever that may be. This perfectly describes my situation. As of now, my physical voice is slowly fading away after battling what seems to be a cold or something that I … Continue reading Voxless?

In Brief

Since today came and went rather quick, I'll keep with the theme and summarize today's activities in bullets. Took Anthony to the park where we hit some golf balls and pine cones Ran around with him after we were done hitting golf balls--and pine cones Took him to Grandma's so I could have a few … Continue reading In Brief

The Beauty Underneath

My Uncle Ben, rest his soul, was approached by a man by the name of Walt Disney back in the 50s. According to family legend, Disney was in the market for talented artists to assist him in bringing his dream--a place called Disneyland--to life. Thinking the project was a bit too risky to accept, Uncle … Continue reading The Beauty Underneath


@ Disney's California Adventure UPDATED 9:00pm PST: In an effort to humiliate me, Ann requested a cashier for anything birthday related. It didn't matter what: a button, hat, or anything would have done. The cashier pulled out a button, asked for my name, wrote it on the button and then made a birthday proclamation inside … Continue reading Disneycat!